Personal services

  • Family Support Service
  • Shariah Council
  • Islam Embracing Service

Family Support Service

This department deals with family problems and marital issues including divorce. It endeavours to resolve problematic issues as best as possible. The service is run by volunteers who are well versed in the legal and Islamic wrangling of such issues. They work with the mosque’s Shariah Council and a team of other experts and students of knowledge.

Click here Islamic_Divorce_Procedure  to read the divorce procedure.

Click here to download Islamic Divorce Form (For Female)

Click here to download Talaq Certificate Form (For Male) to be completed by husband once a talaq has been issued

Click here to download Divorce Application Form (For Both) after a Divorce Absolute has been granted

  • Telephone advice every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm on 07494 675 916
  • E-mail: familysupport@centralmosque.org.uk

Shariah Council

This body deals with matters of Fiqa, Marriage and Divorce. The Shariah Council is made up of elders who are well versed in the science of Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic matters and rulings. Birmingham Central Mosque is the only Islamic institution in Britain in which a woman has been elected as a high official of a Shariah court second to a judge. The Shariah Council is the formal body of legal Islamic opinion and jurisdiction for local Muslims and the community. It is also a point of advice and assistance for Muslims seeking a religious or theological perspective on social, political, domestic and general issues.

Islam Embracing Service

It is nearly every week that one or two individuals visit the mosque and request to accept the Declaration of Faith (Shahādah). The procedure towards becoming a Muslim is very simple. All one has to do is to pronounce the Declaration of Islamic Faith. This, however, must be done with the conviction of belief for it to be a valid acceptance of the faith and lifestyle that is Islam.

The Central mosque provides this conversion (Reversion) service and it is usually carried out by an Imam who speaks with individuals before assisting them in the Arabic transliteration of the Shahādah, which they then follow with the English translation and a description of the main articles of faith which they then choose to accept.

The certificate which guides the recitation is then completed, approved and stamped by the mosque and presented to the new Muslim. Literature and advice are made available to new Muslims and many return to learn more and all are welcome. A service teaching new Muslims about prayer is also available upon request.

Anyone wishing to accept Islam or just wishing to learn more may visit the mosque office during the week.