Islamic Education Services (Madrasah)

BCM Education Services

The mosque runs evening and weekend Madaaris. Our Schools are staffed with teachers experienced in working with young children.

The evening and weekend Madrasah currently teaches pupils Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Qur’an and Qur’an Hifz.

Click here to download the Application Form

Madrasah Opening Hours:

Weekdays Madrasah:  5:00 pm – 7.00 pm (Monday to Thursday)

Weekends Madrasah:  11.00 am – 2.00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

For more information please call on 0121 440 5355 (Ext: 5) & 0770 415 6028 (during Madrasah opening hours – as above) or email: [email protected]  or  visit in person during Madrasah opening hours.

Family Support Service

Family Support Service

This department deals with family problems and marital issues including divorce. It endeavours to resolve problematic issues as best as possible. The service is run by volunteers who are well versed in the legal and Islamic wrangling of such issues. They work with the mosque’s Shariah Council and a team of other experts and students of knowledge.

Click the Islamic Divorce Procedure to read the divorce procedure.Press and Publicity

Download Islamic Divorce Form (For Female)

Download Talaq Certificate Form (For Male) to be completed by husband once a talaq has been issued

Download Divorce Application Form (For Both) after a Divorce Absolute has been granted

  • Telephone advice every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm
    0121 440 5355 (Ext: 6)
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Shariah Council

This body deals with matters of Fiqa, Marriage and Divorce. The Shariah Council is made up of elders who are well versed in the science of Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic matters and rulings. Birmingham Central Mosque is the only Islamic institution in Britain in which a woman has been elected as a high official of a Shariah court second to a judge. The Shariah Council is the formal body of legal Islamic opinion and jurisdiction for local Muslims and the community. It is also a point of advice and assistance for Muslims seeking a religious or theological perspective on social, political, domestic and general issues.

Islamic Nikah & Marriage Solemnisation (Registration)

Marriage Registrations at Birmingham Central Mosque

Once you have succeeded finding a suitable marriage partner, then comes the real procedure of Islamic Nikah and Marriage Solemnisation (Registration). Birmingham Central Mosque is an authorised venue for conducting both marriages together at the same time.

Click here to read the Marriage Procedure. to find out more about the complete procedure, if you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact the mosque office. T: 0121 440 5355 (Ext: 1) or E-mail: [email protected]

Marriage Bureau

Birmingham Central Mosque offers a long-established matrimonial introduction service for Muslims looking for marriage regardless of age and ethnic background (British Citizens and Indefinite stay holders only). Developed to help family and friends find a solution to the complex and often daunting task of finding suitable marriage partners. Our online community network simplifies the search process and acts as the bridge between individuals looking for marriage.

To join the marriage bureau, please follow the simple steps below:

  • Register your profile online at:
  • Provide proof of British passport / Indefinite Leave (UK citizens only), proof of address and Decree absolute (If divorced). Send these via email to [email protected]
  • Email notification of approval will be sent once checks have been completed (We aim to achieve this within 7 – 10 days). Once received simply login to the website at which point you will be directed to Paypal to make the £50 payment to Central mosque, allowing full access to members registered.
  • Subscription is valid for 12 months at the point of payment.

Once approved and paid you can search the database and filter registered members profiles easily by age, location and even profession. You can shortlist people you are interested in and send out requests to access their photo albums and contact details directly through the site.

We are proud to announce that Zoom video calls can now be arranged between members. This can be requested between any member, once we have their approval we will arrange a date and time for the call between both of you and a volunteer from the bureau will act as the mehram. This has proved to be very successful.

Your information is kept strictly private and confidential within this networking process.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Admin Birmingham Central Mosque Marriage Bureau

Monday: 10:00 am to 3.00 pm
Thursday: 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Sunday: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm  (Appointments only)


Telephone: 0121 440 5355 (Ext: 3)
Mobile: 07496 838 790

Email address: [email protected]

For online registration click:

Muslim Marriage Events

We at Birmingham Central Mosque also arrange Muslim Marriage Events, at least one in every three months.

These events have been found very effective and quick way of finding suitable marriage partners. Individuals normally come with their family members or “Mehrams” and have one to one meeting with the prospects.

For further information and dates etc for our next event please visit our main page.

Ask the Imam

Muslims turn to the Mosque for help and advice in many matters affecting their day-to-day life. Our Scholars / Imams can advise on a wide range of matters, such as marriage, bereavement, family problems, and Advice on Fiqh and Shariah matters.

Please call Imam on 0121 440 5355 (Ext: 2)

Sunday – Thursday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Strictly) – Calls out side of this timing will not be answered.

Visits & Tours

Birmingham Faith Visits

Resources created for Birmingham schools with virtual tours of a Mosque, learning about Islam and the Muslims

Part 1 of 3
Introduction to Birmingham Central Mosque

Part 2 of 3
Worship and the Muslim Faith

Part 3 of 3
Qur’an and the community

Visiting the mosque

Visits to the mosque should be booked in advance by telephone, email or in person. Preferred visit times and days are between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm. (Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) subject to availability.

A usual visit to the mosque consists of the following:

  • Multi-media presentation about Islamic faith.
  • Q&A and discussion session.
  • A guided tour of the mosque building accompanied by a faith guide.
  • Observation of one of the daily or special prayer services.
  • Interactive activities for school children.

We usually provide snacks or treats for visitors. Please let us know if any visitors suffer from any allergies in this respect. For primary school children, we also have special worksheets prepared about the mosque which they may take back with them. There is also free literature on Islam for all visitors.

General Rules

All visitors are requested to:

  • Respect the peace and prayer of worshippers inside the mosque.
  • Remove their shoes in certain specific areas around the mosque.
  • Keep food and drinks out of the mosque, except areas that have been designated as eating areas.
  • Avoid bringing any animals into the mosque.
  • Keep the mosque’s building and courtyard clean by disposing off litter properly and safely.
  • Abide by the general rules of the mosque as displayed around the building.
  • Avoid smoking in the building and on the mosque’s courtyard.

Click here to download Visitors_Guide_Book

Please note that we may discontinue any visit if find any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior and ask visitors to leave the building.

Modest Dress

  • All adult visitors and children above the age of 12 are requested to observe modest dress when visiting the mosque. Most aspects of a standard school uniform are quite appropriate as long as arms and legs are covered.
  • Female visitors may cover their heads to show respect to other worshippers or to enrich their own experience.
  • Young children under the age of 12 are not considered to be adults and may dress as they do in school unless they wish to adopt any part of Muslim attire for the day (hats/scarves) to enliven their visit.


Visits to the mosque are free of charge. However, because the mosque is a registered charity, donations towards our services are always welcome and appreciated. We accept cash, postal orders, and cheques. Please make them payable to Birmingham Mosque Trust Ltd.

Our Services
The Birmingham Central Mosque Trust offers various services for the public including:

  • Marriage Bureau, Introductions and registrations.
  • Family Counseling Clinics.
  • Religious Education visits.
  • Evening School for children.
  • Funeral Services & Mortuary.
  • Community Classes for adults.
  • Booking facilities for private functions.
  • Library, Literature & Faith Conversion Services.
  • Food Bank

For more information and booking, please contact the Main Office. 0121 440 5355 (Ext : 1), Email: [email protected]

Regular Events / Activities

Qur’an Reading Circle (Halaqah) – Men Only

Open to everyone, this halaqah takes place after Fajar Salah everyday, where participant have an opportunity to practice and correct their reading of the Qur’an.

For any further enquiries, please contact Ali Yousif (07900 891 177)

Ladies Circle (Halaqah) – Sisters Only

Study of Islam through discussions of different topics and themes including Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic history

Every Wednesday Morning 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

For any furthre enquiries, pleae contact 07437 010 773

Embracing Islam / Shahadah

Islam Embracing Service

It is nearly every week that one or two individuals visit the mosque and request to accept the Declaration of Faith (Shahādah). The procedure towards becoming a Muslim is very simple. All one has to do is to pronounce the Declaration of Islamic Faith. This, however, must be done with the conviction of belief for it to be a valid acceptance of the faith and lifestyle that is Islam.

The Central mosque provides this conversion (Reversion) service and it is usually carried out by an Imam who speaks with individuals before assisting them in the Arabic transliteration of the Shahādah, which they then follow with the English translation and a description of the main articles of faith which they then choose to accept.

The certificate which guides the recitation is then completed, approved and stamped by the mosque and presented to the new Muslim. Literature and advice are made available to new Muslims and many return to learn more and all are welcome. A service teaching new Muslims about prayer is also available upon request. Anyone wishing to accept Islam or just wishing to learn more may visit the mosque office during the week.

New Muslim Classes

Classes for new Muslim run every Wednesday & Sunday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Classes can be attended at the Mosque or can be access and participated via Zoom platform

For further enquiries please contact:

Mob: 07810 306 627

Tel: 0121 440 5355 (Ext: 1)

Email: [email protected]

Funeral Service

(Please note that Funeral Service run at Birmingham Central Mosque is operated by an independent Funeral Director: Central Funeral Services).

Central Funeral Services

Central Funeral Services is an independent funeral service based at Birmingham Central Mosque specialising in Islamic funeral arrangements at home and abroad. They have a speedy 24-hour service with over fifteen years experience of serving the Ummah and the Mosque.

The service and staff are professional and exceptionally diligent in their approach to such a sensitive time. The service that is provided is of a high standard with the majority of provisions included. Everything you require to carry out the funeral arrangements can be accommodated for by Central Funeral Services.

For those wishing to arrange a burial within their own locality (home town or city) or for those wishing to arrange a repatriation of a loved one back to their country of origin (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq etc) Central Funeral Services will be on hand to ensure that the process is swift and communication between the funeral director and next of kin is clear and concise.

For those wishing to make an initial enquiry please contact:

Brother: Sakeeb Haq – 07795 838 786 / 0121 440 7353

COVID-19 Related Announcement

Central Funeral Services are and have been fully operational throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.

Any queries regarding COVID-19 related deaths please speak to:

Brother: Sakeeb Haq – 07795 838 786 / 0121 440 7353

Home to Grave – Peace of mind

Funeral prayer services (the Janāzah) are held at the mosque and can be arranged via Central Funeral Services. We conduct the preparation (Ghousal) of bodies for funerals/burials and supply the casket and all other amenities that are required to manage the funeral arrangements/preparations.

We have bespoke facilities to wash the deceased (Ghousal area) and also the ability to maintain and store the deceased in our purpose built mortuary that houses cold storage units, similar to what you may find in a hospital mortuary.

The mosque ensures that the service aspect of a funeral is carried out as best as possible before the departed is taken to the cemetery.

Ghousal Services

Ghousal Service is provided by a dedicated team of brothers and sisters, majority of the brothers were trained by Late Haji Mohammad Ilyas (who had over 30 year’s experience).

The sisters have also been trained by those who have had over 20 years of experience.

Both the brothers and sisters who lead or manage the ghousal have intricate knowledge and experience of Ghousal practices in accordance with sunnah.

Central Funeral Services can ensure a member of staff is available to lead the process of giving guidance during the ghousal/wash, which takes place at our purposely designed ghousal/mortuary area.

We can also call on sister’s from the Yemeni and Somali community to help with the ghousal/wash if the family of the deceased request so.

Any questions regarding the ghousal for females should be directed to Sister Um Mousa. As well as being the female lead for ghousal, Um Mousa is also a qualified nurse and is happy to engage with sisters who have any questions regarding the ghousal or jannazah.

For sisters who wish to join the ghousal team please contact Um Mousa.

Female Ghousal Lead –  Sister Um Mousa

If you require any of these services then please make the funeral director aware at time of arrangement.

Contact Details:

Funeral Director:    Mr. Abdul Haq Chaudhry:  07791 837 794

Funeral Director:    Mr. Sakeeb Haq Chaudhry:  07795 838 786

Landline:  0121 440 7353

Email: [email protected]

Services at a glance:

  • Sitting Halls (Separate for men & women).
  • Very reasonable charges.
  • Huge car parking facilities.
  • Easily accessible from all parts of the city.
  • Round the clock 24 Hour- reliable funeral service.
  • Washing & Storage Facilities.
  • ‘Khatams’ & ‘Kuls’ facilities – free of charge – donations welcome to the mosque.
  • Funeral services will include all below.
  • Taking body from home or hospital to funeral services
  • Helping in getting cause of death/disease free certificate from GP or hospital
  • Helping in getting death certificate from the registration office
  • Obtaining Corner’s report etc. for sending bodies abroad
  • Transportation from home to mortuary – cemetery or airport
  • Assisting in traveling arrangements

Central Funeral Services & Birmingham Central Mosque (facilities for Jannazah)

Terms and Conditions for Deceased’s Family while using the mosque facilities set by Central Funeral Services and Birmingham Central Mosque.

Funeral Prayers will only be lead by an Imam authorized by Birmingham Central Mosque.

No more than 5 family members will be allowed in the mortuary during the Ghousal (Wash).

Mosque doors, for the mourners and family, will be opened 10.00 am in the morning and closed maximum 1 hour after the Isha Prayers (Winter Time) and 11.00 pm (Summer Time) because of Security and caretaking reasons. There will be extra charges for caretaker / Cleaner for their out of hours additional time.

In the case of using the mosque space for sitting etc., Mosque office MUST be informed in advance and booking request form needs to be filled.

Mosque sitting facilities will be offered but for not more than 3 three days, subject to the availability. Please confirm from the mosque main office before confirming/announcing to your family or friends etc.

In the case of serving refreshments, please bring your own stuff such as food/tea/coffee/disposable/Refuse sacks etc.

All the funeral payment MUST be paid before burial unless deceased is a member of a death committee.

Public attending the funeral will be expected to park their cars properly and not blocking the hearse or other cars.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the mosque in respect of the place of worship.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

  Contact Details:

Funeral Director:    Mr. Abdul Haq Chaudhry: 07791 837 794

Funeral Director:    Mr. Sakeeb Haq Chaudhry: 07795 838 786

Landline: 0121 440 7353

Female Ghousal Lead –  Sister Um Mousa

Email: [email protected]

Food Bank

  • Birmingham Central Mosque (BCM) runs a community Foodbank Service once a week for those who are most in need.
  • BCM Foodbank will issue registration cards to users of foodbank to ensure a control and balanced process for distribution of food provisions.
  • BCM will help anybody who needs support; the old, single people, young people & families from all backgrounds, religious beliefs and ethnic origins, without prejudice, BCM aims to treat everyone fairly, with dignity and respect.

Foodbank Opening Times

Tuesday: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Strictly)

Saturday: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Strictly)

Donations and Contributions

We would be happy to take monetary donations as well as food donations. Both can be made at the Mosque’s Reception during office hours.

For further enquiries please contact:

Mr. Mubarik Ali 07977 484 409

Email: [email protected]

Booking / Hiring Facilities

  • Community/Meeting Rooms and Banqueting Halls

    The Masjid has a number of facility rooms to hire. These are of varying sizes and are ideal for meetings, training courses, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, private events, weddings, Funerals, khatams and other family gatherings. Our community halls downstairs comfortably accommodate around 400 guests (in these days limit to 200 guests due to ongoing construction work).

    We also we have:

    • Stage and background décor
    • Cutlery supplies
    • Chairs and tables
    • Segregation options available for male and female guests
    • Free huge car parking – Easy access from all directions – Near city centre

    For availability and charges please call on 0121 440 5355 (Ext: 1) or visit Mosque Office

    Sample Banqueting Hall Pictures


    Birmingham Central Mosque allows for the booking and hiring of selected rooms and halls for public use. If any individual or organization wishes to book any facility, please contact the mosque office to make the appropriate arrangements.

    It is advised to personally visit the mosque to view the facilities and banqueting halls beforehand. With a small deposit, you can reserve the facilities but full payment is requested at least 48 hours prior the commencement of the event.

    The rates for bookings are non-negotiable. Any non-commercial or charity-based users wishing to obtain any discount in this respect may write to the management.

BCM Radio Station

Birmingham Central Mosque Radio is broadcasting from Fajr Salah to Isha Salah every day.

We broadcast all Friday prayers, five daily salah and Taraweeh salah.

We also broadcast following programmes which you can listen any where in the world through a link on our website home page.

List of Programmes:

  • Quran Recitation
  • Quran Recitation with Urdu Translation
  • Quran Recitation with English Translation
  • Quran Tafseer in Urdu
  • Hadith
  • General Talks
  • Ladies Circle
  • Children Time / Stories
  • Youth Circle