Sha'ban 4, 1439

Fajr Iqamah: 180 Minutes


4:17 am
5:15 am


5:59 am


1:06 pm
1:45 pm


6:01 pm
6:45 pm


8:15 pm
8:18 pm


9:25 pm
10:00 pm

Birmingham Central Mosque

Birmingham Central Mosque is the second purpose built mosque in the United Kingdom, which was built in 1969 and opened to the public in early 70’s. It is one of the most recognized religious buildings in the city of Birmingham and as a result, a vast number of people from different cultures and backgrounds visit the mosque on a daily basis.

Birmingham Central Mosque is nationally known for reference and advocacy of Muslims and Islamic Issues. The mosque’s congregation and staff have been the subject of numerous television and news features in recent years. Much of the media focuses on the mosque’s involvement in national and international human rights and political issues as well as the mosque’s inter-faith alliances.

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