17th November 2023

As Faith leaders representing our Mosque congregations in Birmingham, we are shocked at the mounting humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. We are dismayed at the inability of our local elected representatives to call and work for a ceasefire during the recent vote in parliament. This seems to be at odds with the sentiments of their constituents.

All humanitarian organisations in UK and worldwide have unanimously called for a ceasefire to allow lifesaving humanitarian aid to reach the most vulnerable and desperate, innocent civilians in Gaza.

The Muslim faith communities in Birmingham have been united in grief, prayer, and campaigning to highlight the plight of those caught up in this war.

The Quran explicitly prohibits the taking of innocent life (5:32).

For 75 years, Palestinians have endured illegal Israeli occupation, oppression, and apartheid. They have experienced attacks on their towns, cities, places of worship, and refugee camps, not to mention the thousands who have been killed indiscriminately.

We call for an immediate end to this cycle of violence and adherence to international law. Our elected representatives and the international community must play their part to end the illegal occupation of Palestine, the root cause of the conflict in the Middle East.

We call for renewed and sincere efforts for a lasting peace.

In Birmingham, we are assured by the West Midlands Police response for allowing the public to register their peaceful protests, in line with the freedom of speech and protest laws.

However, we are concerned by the approach of some Birmingham schools in not allowing a safe space for our young people to discuss their concerns and express their feelings, especially when this was arranged for the Ukraine war.

We also utterly condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Birmingham that are further fuelled by this international crisis. It is unacceptable that anyone should feel unsafe in their own neighbourhoods.

Birmingham Mosques and the faith leaders will continue to play our role in engaging our congregations in prayers, education, and campaigning to highlight the sanctity of life and respect in Palestine. We will continue to engage local and national elected representatives to play their part in ending this hostility and its impact on local communities.

Mosque Names:

  1. Masjid Al Falaah (Aston)
  2. Stechford Masjid (Stechford)
  3. Makki Masjid (Handsworth)
  4. Al Hijrah Masjid Small Heath
  5. Solihull Central Masjid & Community Centre
  6. The Abrahamic Foundation
  7. Witton Islamic Centre
  8. Birmingham Central Mosque
  9. Masjid Attarbiya Nechells
  10. Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre
  11. Masjid Ēsa Ibn Maryam
  12. Masjid Sulayman Bin Dawūd
  13. Jami Mosque and Islamic Centre Birmingham
  14. The Wisdom Cultural Islamic Centre
  15. MahmudSabir (Alfurqan School) Masjid
  16. Zia ul Quran Masjid Alum Rock
  17. Muslim Students House Masjid & Community Centre
  18. Manarat Foundation Sheldon
  19. Sparkbrook Islamic Centre
  20. Shahporan Islamic Jami Mosque and Community Trust
  21. Birmingham Masjid and Dawah Centre, Lozells
  22. Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust
  23. Alum Rock Islamic Centre Ludlow Rd
  24. Birmingham Jame Masjid
  25. Handsworth Jam-e Masjid and Islamic Centre
  26. Paigham e Islam Masjid
  27. Al-Abbas Islamic Centre
  28. Al Habib Trust
  29. Masjid Aysha Handsworth Wood
  30. Huda Masjid & Community Centre
  31. Al-Hikma Islamic Cultural Centre
  32. Quba Islamic Centre
  33. Amanah Masjid
  34. Hamza Masjid Mosely Village
  35. Darul-Jannah Stratford Rd
  36. Zawia Masjid Balsall Heath
  37. Great Barr Muslim Foundation
  38. Sutton Coldfield Masjid