Birmingham Central Mosque is taking a balanced approach to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

We are taking precautions to minimise risk of infection to users of the Mosque but are aware that the virus will inevitably be spreading over the coming weeks.

We have implemented the government’s advice on prevention including avoiding shaking hands, washing hands regularly and using antiseptic hand gel.

We have made hand gel available around the mosque and increased frequency and depth of cleaning schedules.

We have advised elderly users and those with elderly relatives to avoid congregational prayers especially on Fridays.

Signs have been placed around the mosque to advise our patrons of these precautions.

As Muslims we routinely wash five times a day before prayers and we are now also encouraging use of antiseptic gel.

We have not cancelled Friday congregational prayers in line with current official policy but are monitoring the situation and awaiting further guidance from the government.

Dr. Mohammed Hanif

General Secretary