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Collecting Birmingham: Islamic Heritage and Faith

Posted on: 08 October 2016
Collecting Birmingham: Islamic Heritage and Faith
Saturday 2.00 - 4.00 pm @ Birmingham Central Mosque Highgate
Birmingham Museums Trust and Birmingham Central Mosque would like to invite you to an afternoon exploring treasures from the Muslim world.
Birmingham Museums needs your help to develop its collection of objects relating to Islam. From a historic Qibla compass to a Qur’an stand, we want to know which objects might interest you most and best represent the practice of Islam. We invite you to join us and share your opinions on what the Museum should consider collecting.
This event is part of Collecting Birmingham; a project to collect objects and stories that matter to the people of Birmingham. The objects collected as part of this project will be cared for by the museum, and will help future generations understand how we live today.
All welcome. This will be a mixed event with separate seating from men and women.
Light refreshments provided.