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1 Shawwaal, 1438

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Eid-ul-Fitr 1437 AH

Posted on: 02 July 2016

Travelling, Parking and other House Rules - Eid Day. (Sisters arrangements on the Ground floor)

Please take some time to read our information below on travelling and parking to the Majid this Eid day and setting a good example. We all need to ensure we minimise disruption to our neighbours.

  • Please Park your vehicles responsibly in the mosque free car parks or side streets and not blocking any driveways.

  • Please listen to the instructions of our stewards, security guards and volunteers as they are working to maintain your safety and keep mosque matters run smoothly.

  • If possible, please walk to the mosque or share traveling to the mosque.

  • Properly secure your belongings and do not leave any valuables on display etc.

  • Take responsibility of your children; keep them with you at all times.

  • Place your shoes on the shoe racks or put them in the carrier bags provided by the mosque.

  • Please switch-off your mobile phones or on silent mode.

  • Do not block walkways – keep them clear at all times.

  • Avoid unnecessary talking in the prayer halls.


Please send us your feed-back if you have got any suggestions, complaints or comments regarding above or any other matter relating to the mosque activities for improvement.