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Advertising and Sponsoring

Birmingham Central is one of the busiest Muslim place of worship in Western Europe. A large number of organisations use our various promotional mediums to promote their business or make public aware of thier campaigns. 

The Dawn Newsletter is published by the Birmingham Central Mosque on a monthly basis and distributed amongst the local Muslim community via mosques, community centres and local businesses, shops, restaurants, take-aways, newsagents, airports and taxi ranks etc.

The newsletter is also sent to politicians, media outlets, schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, libraries and places of worship of all faiths as well as inter-faith bodies and charity organisations.

The Dawn Newsletter is printed in full colour and printed on quality glossy paper. The Dawn’s main features are its Islamic articles including knowledge of the faith, political issues, & morals and concerns of the day. It also features a regular monthly prayer timetable which Muslims require during the whole month which means The Dawn is kept on hand throughout, giving any advertising business maximum exposure throughout the month.

Approximately 10,000 copies of The Dawn are distributed throughout Birmingham and parts of the Midlands and the rest of Britain on a monthly basis.

There are two advertising pages in each monthly edition of The Dawn with advertising rates as follows:

Quarter-page advert = £150
Half-page advert = £300
Full page advert = £500

The following rates apply to registered charities wishing to advertise in The Dawn Newsletter:

Quarter-page advert = £100
Half-page advert = £200
Full page advert = £400

The number of advertising pages is increased for Special Editions of ‘The Dawn’ which are published during Ramadhan, Eid and the summer.

If you wish to advertise in The Dawn Newsletter, Ramadhan Timetable, website, Annual Calander or our new Pocket Size Annual Calander then please contact a representative of the Birmingham Central Mosque on: 0121 440 5355 or